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Creating a gallery wall for your home

Gallery walls are the perfect way to update your home on a budget while showcasing your personality. The great thing about gallery walls is they are super quick to do and can transform a space with minimal effort. 

For the uninitiated, creating a gallery wall can seem daunting, yet with a few tools and some creativity, you can have a wall to be proud of in no time. Below we are going to share some tips and ideas to get you started and help your wall really stand out!


Determine your style

Are you minimalist? Bold? Love colour? Hate colour? Is your home trendy or fancy?  Scandi or country? Do you love typography or illustrations? A gallery wall is your chance to add your personality to your home so go with what you love. 

Keep it personal

We love it when our prints and posters are combined with your personal treasures such as kids drawings, family photos and pieces of art you already own. It's your home, make it a reflection of you. 

Make a plan

Lay all of your framed prints on the floor before you start putting nails in the wall and play around with the layout. Try different arrangements until you're happy with the effect. We think it's easiest to start with the biggest frame in the middle and work around this. 

Use a shelf

There's a big trend at the moment to display artwork and frames leaning on a shelf. You can buy shelves created especially for this, with a small lip at the front to prevent any art slipping off. Check out Ikea or Amazon for 'picture ledges' for great, inexpensive options. We think these work well above a bed or a sofa. Use different size frames to add interest but be careful not to overcrowd the display. 

Compliment the room

If your room features a lot of colour or pattern it's best to stick to one colour palette to avoid clashes. You could pick a colour from the room, or follow the monochrome trend. Bedrooms work well with soft colour palettes and a small gallery wall, whereas in a large hallway with staircase you can really let your imagination run free. 

Have fun 

If you get it wrong, there's no need to panic. Gallery walls are much less commitment than a paintbrush so you can tweak and change until you get it right, and switch things up as your tastes evolve. 


We hope you find these tips helpful. If you decide to give it a go send us your photos to share!


June 04, 2018 by Annabelle Pitt

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